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Marrying Jungle Queen for a tranny baby

I was working as a forest officer in the tropical rain forest near Karnataka Kerala border. I was living in an old bungalow allotted to me by forest department. The days were full of activity but nights were thorny. The bungalow was full of leeches, ants, insects and encounter with poisonous snakes was a usual thing. My family was in Mumbai and I was spending lonely nights recalling the passionate moments with my wife. I was 30 year old and recently married.
In those days a man-eater tiger had created great threat to the near villages. It had already killed many men, women and children. We were trying hard to capture it. Day by day the political pressure was increasing and our jobs were in danger.
One day I was on the mission. Our team tracked the footmarks of the beast until we reached the bank of Moyar River. The river was surrounded by dense green trees. The river was not very deep, but it was full of crocodiles and the water was speedy. There were many whirs in the river bed. There was only a single local wooden raft to voyage in the river.
All my colleagues suggested me to return back because the river was flowing in the direction of the prohibited part of forest. That part of the forest was supposed to be ruled by forest goddesses. No civilian was allowed to enter this region. It was supposed to be the most sacred part of forest. The ancient Holabu tribe was residing in this part of forest. The Holabu folks were totally isolated from outer world. They do not wear any cloth except a small piece of tiger or leopard skin wrapped around their waists. They used to paint their bodies and eat row flesh roasted on fire. Some people told that they sometime eat the human flesh of enemy. Their language was very different and not understood by anyone outside the tribe. They worship goddesses who are supposed to be immortal. They were also supposed to be expert in black magic.
But I decided to go ahead because there was tremendous pressure on me to confine the man eater. I had to go alone as there was only a single raft available. I took the anesthetic injections and my blow gun with me and drove my craft ahead.

It was evening and my vessel was travelling through dense branches of the trees on the bank. The light was dim. Sounds of forest birds were accompanying the murmur of water. I was too anxious to enjoy the pleasant and cool breeze of wind slowly flowing over the water.
I suddenly heard a roar from far. It was surely my pray. I parked the wooden raft near the bark of a tree on the bank and started chasing the sound. I entered in deep forest. I was walking for long time. I marked the direction on trees but soon realized that I was lost. I was revolving around the same place again and again. Suddenly I felt an unexpected pull at my ankle and soon found myself hanging upside down to a tree. A herd of female warriors appeared from nowhere and released me from the rope. They confiscated my blow gun and medicines. They were talking in strange language. One black and young woman lifted me on her shoulder and start walking. All other female solders started walking with her. I was very frightened. I tried my level best to escape and run away but she was very strong. They all were topless and armed with spear. The woman carrying me was tall and had kept her long hairs free over her back. As she had lifted me from front and carrying me on shoulder, I was bent over her back and my face was touching her strong butt which was partially covered with Cheetah skin. My thighs were pressed over her uncovered breast. Her shoulders and arms were muscular, her wrest was thin and thighs were massive. She had worn leather sandals with the strips tied on her muscular calves. She was walking very fast and there was no sign of toil on her face. I was struggling to escape and shouting for help but she slapped on my face with her left palm and I fainted for a moment. I stopped my effort and surrendered to her power.
Suddenly I heard the sound of horns and drums. Some tribal men come dancing and bowed to the foot of female solders. The woman carrying me climbed some steps and put me on an altar. Then she tied me to a pillar. They started shouting and hailing the goddess.
I had given up the chance of my survival. I was sure that they were going to eat my flash. But all of a sudden the sound of horns, trumpets and drums increases and a young lady came out from her cave. All men and women bowed towered the young lady. She was approximately 16 year old. She was totally uncovered except a live snake was wrapping her wrest and hiding her organs. She was fair. Her eyes were blue and hairs were golden. The snake was crawling all over her body from wrest to breast and breast to face. She blew a melodious whistle. A tiger came out of the cave behind her. She rode the tiger. Everybody hailed her again and kneed as she passed them. She came near the altar and dismounted from the tiger. She climbed the stairs and came near me. My heart was throbbing fast and my mouth had dried due to fear. When she came extremely close, I noticed that her features were like an American supermodel than a tribal girl. When her eyes met my eyes I felt a lump in my stomach. I stole my gaze and looked downward. I noticed her perfect and soft feet as if they are recently pedicured. She touched my chin with her left hand and raised my face. I was still afraid to see in her magical eyes, but her stunning beauty was compelling me to look at her. She was not too tall. Her height might be just around 5 feet 6 inches. She was not very muscular like her female solders but she had exceptionally toned and perfect figure. I astonished to see the small, soft but amazing curves of her muscles.
“Who are you, prisoner?” she asked. I was shocked because she was talking in English and not in tribal tongue.
“I am a forest officer, a government servant. Free me. Otherwise government of India will take strong action against you.” I said. I was a bit relived to find someone who can understand my English.
She laughed loudly and her laughter echoed in the hills of Bramhgiri. She kissed me with her natural red lips. “Oh, poor fellow, they could not find us in whole life. We live in caves like tigers, we reside in underwater holes like snakes; we make our dwellings inside the huge banyan trees. This is our territory, we are the monarch here. Our spears are poisonous and our chants are mysterious. I will protect my people with my divine power.” She unfastened the knots and released me. She came nearer t. Her nipple was touching my chest. “Knee, and accept my slavery.” She ordered.
“No!” I shouted. Her female solder’s troop became alert but she told them to relax by raising her hand. She caught my right hand with her left hand and started to twist it. I resisted but realized that she is more powerful than me. I yelled with pain. “Knee.” She ordered again.
“No” I resisted again but my voice became less determined this time. She lifted me overhead and bumped me on ground. This was really unexpected. I was so surprised. How can such a small girl do this to me? She must have divine power.
“Stand up” she ordered. I stood up. She again ordered me to knee. I knelt before her.
“Kiss my feet.” She ordered. I hesitated. She kicked me. I failed on ground. “Lick my feet.” She roared. I started kissing and licking her feet.

“Good. Now stand up.” She ordered again. I followed her order. I stood up again. She suddenly lifted me in cradle. She pressed my knees against my chest and interlocked the fingers of her both hands. All my body was flexed in small circumference of her hands. “I am the goddess of Jungle. You will be rewarded if you obey me and will be punished if disobey.” she said and rode the tiger. She made me sat on her thighs facing toward her face and wrapped my legs around her wrest. As the tiger started walking I started moving up and down. I wrapped both my hands around her neck with fear. The snake was now crawling over our shoulders. The tiger entered her cave.
The cave was decorated inside. There was her throne and a sandal wood bed. Glass lamps of perfumes were spreading mystic light and creating magical atmosphere. Naked male servants with erected dicks were fanning her. She dismounted from the tiger and sat on the throne. The snake was wrapping her breasts. A male servant put a golden plate full of aromatic water with rose petals near her foot.
“Wash my feet.” She ordered. I started washing her feet. Her feet were soft, and perfect. I just loved them. “Hmm, now drink the water.” She ordered as I finished the washing. I drunk the water used for washing her feet. “Good, now you can sit in my lap.” She said. I stood up and sat on her left thigh. I felt the tone of muscles under my butts. She removed my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt. She started playing with my tits with her long fingers. I was totally aroused and erect. She open the zip of my pant, Removed my pants and underwear. I was totally naked in her lap. She passionately kissed me and again lifted me in cradle. She stood and carried me to the bed.
“Give me massage, start from my foot.” She commanded. I started pressing her foot, toes, calf’s and thighs with my hands. One servant brought perfumed oil. I applied it to her breast and massaged it. “Give me foot massage all the night.” She instructed. I gave her foot massage for hours. She felt asleep calmly. In the late night I also dropped asleep on her feet.
When I woke up, it was late morning and she had already woken up. It took few seconds to remind myself where I am and what happened last night. I was very afraid when I saw her woke up before me.
“Relax, don’t afraid. I am not going to punish you for sleeping without my permission. You might be wondering, why I brought you here, who I am, how can I talk English, aren’t you?” she asked.
“Yes.” I said and I suddenly noticed that I was completely naked. My dick erected again.

She looked deeply in my eyes with her blue eyes and said, “These people think that I am a goddess, and am immortal. I am not. Long ago a white tranny came to this region. She saved the tribal people from many disasters and plagues with her knowledge of science and medicine. They considered her as goddess which was mentioned in their myths. She was afraid to tell them truth, because she was not willing to break their faith. One day a black man from National Geographic came to this part of jungle. The Tranny kidnapped him, had intercourse with him and the man gave birth to me secretly. She raised me with tiger milk and leopard flesh. I became strong and beautiful. She sent me to Cambridge for study. When I became adult she fled to her motherland and the tribal people mistook me as her new appearance. Now I need a shemale to be immortal as per the tribal faith. So I need a fair and handsome man. Now I want you to marry me and conceive a Tranny baby for me.We have a power to make man pregnant.She said by rubbing my ass hole which gave me pleasure.

“I am your slave, your new devotee. You can use me for your divine purpose, my goddess!” I answered humbly and touched her feet with my forehead.
She bent down picked me up kissed my forehead and lifted me up on her waist. "Thats like a good BOY"

Her word boy make me cum on her belly.She took me to river and gave me shower after which she packed a large size Leap around my ass.
At night we will marry in Jungle traditional style.She mumbled in my ear.

She wore an Indian traditional bridal dress but her blouse was too much short as her boobs were not properly fit and was coming out from it.Her eyes was looking seductive in black Kajal.

She gave me shower and wore me ladies underwear as she just has female clothes.I was hesitating using female clothes so I asked her to give just underwear.

She put me on tiger and we started moving towards somewhere.We stopped near borne-fire where the tall lady who kidnapped me was sitting near fire holding a book.

Welcome Madam! she greeted.

She opened the book and started reading some strange words from it.Than she gave some indications to Queen and she lifted me on her hip and started moving around fire.I aroused from her that move.That time I found myself on of the luckiest man having such dream women as my wife.
She gave me some jump for setting me on her hip which gave me pleasure.

After seven rounds she kissed on my chicks and said in low seductive voice "Now we are husband and wife".
"But I want you to be my Husband " I murmured having my eyes down due to shame.

Ok She said with smile on her face.

We came back to her cave.Cave was all set for our first night.She gave me toss on air than she sat me on bed on rose.She went towards corner of the cave and took out a small box from it.

She opened the box, it was a diamond ring with a petty large ring which amazed me.But she end my amazed when she undressed my underwear and inserted the ring on my penis.

That was the gift we give to our wedding partner on 1st night.Ring was tight and painful but I didn't show anything due to her anger.

I have nothing to give you on our wedding , I mumbled.

Not worry honey , she said by kissing my hands  and than completed her sentence.You will give me a gift after 6 month in the shape of Baby tranny.

But I think female can give birth to a child in 8 month? I asked her with amazed

I told you earlier that we are powerful ladies not a cheap weak man.Our Semen has powerful cells which can easily pregnant man in a month but we can't pregnant a girl. She said this in a loud voice and started moving towards me like a tigress

I felt fear in my belly and I cringed back towards corner of the bed.Her eyes was not telling me any good signs.She was rubbing her boobs and sometimes her pussy or penis over bridal dress.I got stopped at the end of bed.
Don't do that Mistress, leave me plzzz I moaned.

I told you earlier I want a baby from your belly you bastard...trapppp she hit me a slap and grabbed my hands & pulled me towards her.I got fell on her lap.She took apart my legs on her lap while I was laying down on bed.She started rubbing my ass with her fingers.She spit on my ass hole for lubricating it.

She inserted her finger in my ass and started fucking me with her long fingers.

Aaah Aaah Aaah.....Oh mistress leave me...I started moaning.

She than inserted her cock in my ass and started fucking me.

Ohhhh Mistress plzz leave me Don't do that Aaaah Aaah Aaahh....I started shrieking having tears in my eyes.

You are now my Wife so you are my property.I will use you as I like.She said in my ear while fucking.

But I am feeling pain my ass...I moaned as her cock was so hard.I felt that my ass might tear.

She grabbed me from back and pulled me over her lap.Now I was riding her cock on her lap.

Her bridal skirt was full of heavy work which was pinching on my ass when I was jumping on her lap.

She put my face towards her boobs.i found some erotic smell coming out form her bra.I lost my conscious and forgot all pain in my ass.

I started kissing her boobs.Now I was enjoying her cock.Thats like a good baby....She exclaimed

I undress her top and started licking her nipples.Nipples was erected and hard.After some sucks I started tasting some fluid on my lips.It was milk coming from her boobs.I felt some tremor in my body.

I lost my control and madly started jumping on her lap taking her cock deep inside my ass while sucking her boobs.

Oh yes mistress fuck fuck aah fuck.....Fuck me hard....I stared moaning.

Oh yes  baby...My poor baby take it like it haaannnn....yeah take it take it in your ass...I want a baby now.....She mumbled while tossing me on her lap.

She started fucking me hard as I was enjoying it.After few minutes I erected my cum on her boobs.

I took my head on her shoulder allowing her to fuck me till she last.

Oh my baby pee on Mistress ...Not worry I will clean you baby....Oh yeah....She said in seductive voice in my ear.

Strangely I was still feeling good after erecting in my belly.She was fucking me hard and I was enjoying.

She grabbed my and lifted me up by standing on the floor.Now she was fucking me on air.

Oh no mistress...Oh no....I was totally flying on air as she started fucking me while lifting.

After some fucks I felt some wet inside my belly while she stops her movement and sat on the bed.

She pushed me down from her body and drop her body on the bed.

I started rubbing my ass which gave me pleasure.I got tremor in my ass and got erected cum from my ass.


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