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Clarke went to Russia for taking Revenge

 Note: Please read sequel of this Part first "Sasha investigated Clarke for taking data of Secret Agents"

 CIA suspended Agent Clark for losing secret papers and ordered him for taking secret papers back to USA.All CIA spy agents have been arrested in Russia after Sasha grabbed information from Clark.Clark was very upset after this, he was finest agent of CIA.He accomplished many mission through out world but a female Spy agent defeated him and snatched all secret information from him like a master.
Clark drunk 4 big bottles of vines that day.He planned to take revenge from Sasha (Russian Spy Agent).He packed his bag and on next day he he booked a ticket for Russia.After his arrival he booked a hotel in Moscow and made a plan how he will enter Sasha home.

Clarke enter Sasha home in Saturday Night when she was on a party.He knew it so he found it good time to enter her house.Clark directly enter Sasha bed room.Their were no one in the house.He started probing for documents.
He was in hurry because he knew well if Sasha came it will not good for him.He found a locker insider her wardrobe.He tried all combinations and almost after few minutes he successfully unlocked it.He took out secret documents and started reading it.He felt happy as he got the right documents.

Simultaneously someone grabbed his hand.When he tried to look behind.A hard slap hit on his face.
Trapppp....Clarke lost her nerve for a while.
He feel for a while that land has gone under his feet.Sasha was standing behind him.

You fucking American agent.How dare you enter my homeland Russia and got courage to enter my home.

Clarke tried to attack her and want to run but she started kicking him on his belly.

Sasha was wearing pink blouse with short black skirt.Her strong thighs were looking horrble in dark room.

Sasha started punching Clark belly.She drag him towards her torture room.She grabbed him with hair and then started his face sinking on water tub.

After few drown on water tub.Clark realized the situation and fell down on her feet and asked for mercy.

Plzzz don't do that Sasha.Don't kill me.Make me your prisoner.

Sasha took him with hair and said "Never tried to escape otherwise I will kill you" She bucked his chick with her long fingers.

Ok mistress I will clean your home and never try to escape.

She kissed his neck and lifted him up.

Clark felt hot in his belly ,he was feeling like a child with a sensual feeling.

Clarke lost his control against this Russian mistress.

Clark wrapped his legs around Sasha waist.

Sasha gave a huge laughter...hahahhahahha

You shitty ass hole Child......You are now my child Bastard!

Clark put his hand on her shoulder and started licking his thumb while he was pressing her rock hard pillow type boob with his other hand.

First time Sasha goes viral and feeling hotness in his entire body.

She madly tore his clothes apart and toss it on air.She started kissing him on her neck, chicks, chests and on his belly.

Clark started moaning.

Aaah Ahh Aaaaah

Sasha found hard to stand while holding Clark.

She set on her silky bed and took Clark on her lap.

She opened his legs apart and found a pinkish ass hole.

She started licking it.

Clark was feeling pleasure.

She inserted his tounge in his ass.

She inserted his long nail fingers in the ass and started fucking him.

Oh yes aah aah aaaah

She curled her finger in his ass while pinching with nails inside his ass.She was having a wicked smile on her face while doing this.

Aaaaaaah....Clark shrieked

Don't do that Sasha

 You bastard American Dog how dare you enter my home.

Madam ! I apologized for that.I lost my job and came their to grab data of Russian Agents from your house.

You know Its Russian Federation not a fucking USA.Their woman are dominant gender and rules over man.
 We are boss here.

Sorry mistress .Plz leave me I want to go back USA.

No....I will teach you a lesson.

I will insert melted hot iron in your ass, so no one will try to enter Russia again.

Noooo...Clark mumbled

So you have a option ! he stop for a while.

What madam??? Clark mumbled

You will have to live under my dominance like a child.

You agree???? hmmmmmm 

Clark feel tremor inside his body.

He started kissing on her lip.

Thats like a good boy.

He cradle him up and started kissing him.

She opened her bra and started feeding him.

Clark never drink suck sweet milk before.

Sasha closed her eyes as she was feeling twist inside her belly when he is licking her boobs.

After few minutes Sasha started rubbing her pussy over her under wear.

She grabbed him hard with her both hands and bear hug him.

Clark shouted with pain and cum on her belly.Simultaneously Sasha also cum on her under wear and lost Clark and he fell down.

Sasha left him on ground and moved towards her wash room.
Clark was thinking for run from her house but simultaneous he stopped and without looking back she said "You can go now"

If you want clothes than wait for me.

Clark didn't know how he stopped their naked waiting for her.

Sasha came to wash room and started rubbing her clits ,,,,She masturbate on her sink.First time she feel a nice pleasure and thats due to Clarke which gave her pleasure.Sasha never got such pleasure from any man.

She decided to leave Clark and to free him from her prison.

She came back to room where Clark was sitting nude on the floor.

She picked him up and took him on her hip.She gave him bath under shower.She carried him towards her wardrobe and took a jeans and T shirt from their.

She set him on her bed and wanted to wore him her jeans but it was'nt fit for him.

She picked out her Bikni and wrapped it around his ass like a diaper.

She carried him towards her door and after kissing his chicks dropped him outside his house.

She Closed the door and came back.

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